Mickey Inspired Cake Pop Tutorial

Yay! My first Blog post!

So Adri and I have been talking about launching a blog together forever and I’m so glad she got this going. ( I never would have, too scared) Now that it’s here I swear I’m snapping pictures of everything! I’m folding laundry and thinking: “Wow, that was a great fold maybe I should…..Nah”

Okay so I figured my first post should be about Cake Pops. I always see a lot of questions about making and dipping Mickey so…

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Cakeball
  2. cakepop stick
  3. chocolate melts (for ears)
  4. melted chocolate (red, black and yellow)

Start by dipping your stick in red chocolate and inserting it into the cakeball. Set to dry. Take a cookie cutter(Ironically for me a mickey shaped one) and cut off a portion of the chocolate melt.

Mickey naked cakepopMickey cutting ears Mickey ears cut

Dip cakepop into the red chocolate and tap off excess chocolate. When almost set, attach the ears.

Mickey attached ear first Mickey attached ear second CIMG0129

Now let the cakepop sit for a little bit at this point to make sure it’s set. And to avoid any cracks.

Then it’s time for the second dip, in black.

Hold the cakepop upside down, straight above the melted chocolate. Slowly dip the pop until you get right past the ears. Pull up straight out of the chocolate and count to 20 while tapping off excess black chocolate. Turn right side up and pop any bubbles with your trusty toothpick. Let dry.

Mickey holding ready to dip Mickey half dunked mickey dipping in process

Here he is all shiny and ready to Meeska, Mooska, Mi….eh not quite. Still missing something.

Mickey just dipped wet Mickey dry side dipped view

On to the buttons. There are so many choices out there for buttons. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mickey button options

Today I’m going to go with the trusty old toothpick and yellow chocolate.

mickey dipping toothpick Mickey putting on dot

Mickey dipped with one button mickey dipped done single

Of course I made some other fun cakepops to accompany this Disney star:

Mickey closeup done

And here’s a final picture with a fun display container Adrienne gave me for my birthday last year!

mickey final pic

Thank you guys so much for reading and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. Hopefully this will help you the next time you attempt this Clubhouse Mouse.